Campeggio Naturista INSIEME


1. Introduction

Imagine this

Imagine the following picturesque scene: after a long, but breathtaking journey of 1300 km together with your partner and children, sprinkled with the wonders of the Alps and the picturesque North Italy, you finally approach your destination. The drive took you past iconic locations such as Cinque Terre, Pisa, and Lucca - pearls of cities that are on your list to visit later in the holiday.

As you pass Livorno, you exit the highway and follow the stunning Etruscan coastline. It becomes immediately clear: this is not just a tourist attraction. Italians themselves also eagerly spend their holidays here.

You follow the sign for "Campeggio Naturista INSIEME" and turn onto a picturesque road that winds its way up through the Tuscan hills. As you drive, you pass by a charming Tuscan restaurant, where the thought of an authentic Italian meal makes your mouth water. Not long after, the sign for the campground welcomes you, promising relaxation and adventure.

Upon arrival, you feel the warmth of the late afternoon sun on your skin, inviting you to immerse yourself in nature, free from the constraints of clothing. You park the car in the parking lot, nestled amidst lush greenery, and are struck by the peace and serenity emanating from the campground, a hidden paradise not far from the lively coast.

As you enter the grounds, an old Tuscan country house reveals itself, painted in that distinctive Tuscan yellow, with an inviting terrace in front of it. Guests are enjoying refreshing drinks there. The air is filled with the laughter of children hurrying to the pool.

You are warmly welcomed by Sandra, who offers you a local welcome drink. Meanwhile, your check-in process is completed effortlessly and in a relaxed atmosphere. Sandra suggests joining the communal dinner that evening, an offer you consider while taking a tour of the rolling terrain in a golf cart.

The campsite exceeds all expectations, with green fields and numerous trees providing both sunny and shaded spots. Together, you choose a spot near the main building, where the atmosphere is vibrant and the facilities are within easy reach. The spacious pitches of 120 square meters, including electricity, offer an unparalleled sense of freedom, with a captivating glimpse of the sea in the distance.

Time seems to slow down as you settle in. The children are eager for the activities ahead, including a live game of Stratego in the forest, the kids' club tomorrow, and a party night on the weekend. You relax on the terrace where Remi serves your favorite drinks and asks if you'd like something for the Aperitivo. "Just bring us a platter!" you reply enthusiastically.

During dinner, you savor authentic Italian dishes prepared by Remi and Sandra, served with love and craftsmanship. The evening culminates with an espresso and a limoncello, the perfect end to a magical day. You notice that it's still warm, but a pleasant sea breeze is blowing. On the way back to your tent, you encounter countless fireflies, creating a magical spectacle.

That night, as you lie in bed, you notice the tranquility enveloping the place. A gentle breeze rustles through the trees, and in the background, you hear the hoot of an owl. It's a promise, a silent assurance that this holiday will provide everything your heart desires: peace, adventure, and enjoyment in a piece of paradise.

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