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2. Terrain


At the Etruscan Coast, one of Italy's most beautiful coastlines and only four kilometers from the sea, lies the camping ground 'La Collina 1'. Established in the 1960s by an Italian family, this campsite experienced a strong start thanks to their forward-thinking approach. However, in recent years, the site has suffered from minimal investments and outdated facilities. As a result, it has failed to build a steady clientele and has experienced low occupancy rates for years. Since the property has been put up for sale, new opportunities have emerged to rejuvenate this campsite and realize its full potential.


Site Specifications

  • Land Size: Approximately 9 hectares, with 4 hectares designated for commercial use across various fields and 5 hectares of forest.
  • Capacity: Permits for 100 camping pitches (maximum 400 guests), a restaurant, a bar, and a shop.
  • Unique Permit: In Tuscany, such permits are rare due to limited tourist land and lengthy zoning changes.
  • Main Building: Contains the restaurant, kitchen, bar, reception, shop, and an upstairs apartment, forming the heart of the campsite.
  • Toilet Facilities: Four outdated toilet blocks spread across the site.
  • Additional Facilities: A smaller building formerly used as a bar, 3 groundwater wells, 1 water storage tank of 10,000 liters with fire-fighting water, 2 chemical toilet disposal points, and a filtered drainage system.
  • Electricity and Water: 72 electricity points of 6 amps (distributed over 12 poles) and 7 drinking water points.
  • Natural Features: Natural slopes, authentic trees, and mostly sea views.

A unique location by the coast

We can state that the terrain is located in a particularly advantageous location. It has access to a wide range of tourist facilities, including the sea and numerous Tuscan attractions. The landscape in which the terrain is situated feels very natural, and it also offers beautiful sea views and, in good weather, the entire Etruscan coastline. With the right screening, it can become a perfect spot for naturism.

We see this as a solid foundation to build a successful venture from scratch, with the possibility of creating a safe and respectful environment for naturism enthusiasts.

Tuscan Coast

  • Two naturist rock beaches within 5 minutes and a large sandy beach within a 45-minute drive.
  • The fantastic Cinque Terre is a 45-minute drive away.
  • The bustling city of Livorno, home to one of the largest covered food markets in Europe, is just 15 minutes away.

Cultural Tuscany

  • Pisa: The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a 30-minute drive from the campsite.
  • Lucca: Located 45 minutes away, it is surrounded by well-preserved medieval city walls.
  • Florence: Located 75 minutes away, it houses Renaissance masterpieces within enchanting architecture.

Culinary Tuscany

  • Combination of fish (sea) and meat (land) dishes.
  • Various local restaurants, some within walking or biking distance from the campsite.
  • The Bolgheri wine area is a 35-minute drive away. Many local Tuscan products available.

Active Tuscany

  • The campsite is located in a mountain biking area.
  • On the sea, one can paddleboard and sail.
  • The Apennines (40 minutes away) offer opportunities for kayaking and canyoning.
  • There are many beautiful hiking trails nearby.


Temperature & Climate

  • The region benefits from a moderate Mediterranean climate, contributing to an ideal balance between warm summers and mild winters.
  • The temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius in July and August.
  • On the mountain, there is almost always a pleasant breeze blowing.
  • During the shoulder seasons, the average temperature is 20-25 degrees Celsius.
  • The average sea temperature from May to October is 22 degrees Celsius.

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