Campeggio Naturista INSIEME


3. The Concept

A campsite for everyone

Camping INSIEME aims to be an oasis of coziness and relaxation, striking a balance between adventure and tranquility, activity and culinary delights. We don't focus on providing a fully full-service experience where guests are entertained 24/7, but we do create an environment where there is always something to experience. We aim to create an accessible concept with something for everyone. The site will be equipped with all the amenities expected of a modern campsite.

During the high season, the focus is on families, where children can enjoy themselves in the kids' club, the swimming pool, the playground, or in one of the many hectares of forest while parents immerse themselves in the Tuscan nature, culture, and gastronomy. We will have a theme party evening weekly (fancy dress, circus, open stage, etc.) but also activities such as treasure hunts, building huts, and live Stratego. In the shoulder seasons, we focus on people of all ages who want to enjoy all the beauty that Italy has to offer. There will be slightly less entertainment but activities such as mountain biking, wine tastings, visiting the Livorno market, and a cozy pub quiz or dance evening.

Our intended season runs from the May holidays until the end of October. The peak season occurs during the months of July and August, coinciding with the summer holiday period in Northern Europe and the traditional vacation period for Italians, who typically take the entire month of August off.


Remi has been a naturist all his life. When Sandra was introduced to naturism through Remi twelve years ago, she immediately experienced a strong sense of ease and mutual respect.

Naturism gives both of us a sense of freedom and a deep connection with nature. Over the years, we've noticed that naturist campsites are the perfect place for open and honest conversations. There is a genuine openness that encourages people to be themselves, without the social pressure that clothing can bring. After all these experiences, we realize that naturism is not only something we enjoy doing, but also something we want to share with others. We aspire to create a naturist campsite that welcomes everyone, a place where newcomers and experienced naturists feel at home, united by the shared values of nudity, respect, and care for nature. For the NFN and its BlootGewoon! brand, we blog and vlog about our adventures monthly.
In chapter 6 we will further explore naturism.

NOTE: We may not be able to implement all facilities and activities in year one and/or two.

Overnight stays

Spacious camping spots

  • Various spacious pitches are available for caravans, tents, and campers.
  • Variety of sun and shade.
  • Choice between open fields and more secluded spots.
  • Six ampere electricity available on the majority of pitches.
  • Facilities for water and a chemical toilet available.

Luxury Glamping Tents & Cottages

  • Placement of multiple glamping tents with and without sanitary facilities, as well as cottages (cabins).
  • Complete setup of the tents with kitchen and all necessary inventory.
  • Creating a beautiful blend of camping and luxury.
  • Photos for inspiration/visualization.

food & beverages

Restaurant & Party Evening

  • Twice a week, enjoy a 4-course Italian surprise menu served at long tables.
  • Once a week, we organize a themed party night. Think of a pizza night or a BBQ buffet. Following that, there will be a party night with themes such as an open stage, pub quiz, or dance evening.


Our bar with terrace offers a relaxed setting with stunning sea views. During the day, guests can grab a coffee and ice cream. Additionally, they can indulge in the Italian Aperitivo experience with a selection of wines, craft beers, and cocktails like the renowned Aperol Spritz, accompanied by an authentic snack platter.


As an addition to our culinary offerings, we are also considering a pizza/snack option where guests can enjoy freshly prepared pizzas, simple take-away meals, or snacks.

Bread & Shop

In our campsite shop, you will find daily necessities and local delicacies, including a daily bread service with freshly baked rolls.


For all ages

  • Entertainment during the high season.
  • Miniclub for the youngest
  • Games such as water polo, live Stratego, etc.
  • But also bingo nights and tranquil activities.


  • Hiking, mountain biking, or stand-up paddleboarding near the campsite.
  • Organized trips to destinations such as Florence, Lucca, or Cinque Terre.


  • Wine tastings and cooking workshops at the campground.
  • Group visits to the market in Livorno.
  • Culinary excursions in the region.


Swimming pool

We aspire to have a large swimming pool with enough space for both lap swimming and recreational activities. For the first year (2024), we plan to install an inflatable pool.

Toilet buildings

The current toilet facilities will be completely replaced by contemporary and modern restroom buildings that blend in with the natural surroundings.


Wi-Fi is available in and around the main building, but deliberately not outside to maintain the authentic camping experience.

Multi-Functional space

Here will be a reading/game table, a large bookcase, and a projector with a screen for showing sports events or hosting a movie night.

Sports & games

Playground, petanque court, sports field including a volleyball court, and the 5 hectares of forest also provide ample opportunities.


  • Washing machines and dryer.
  • Common BBQ area / cooking facility.



The campsite will become a car-free zone for peace and safety. With facilities such as hand carts available in the parking lot for transporting groceries. The main access road will be paved, and we will renew the other roads within the campsite to ensure easy accessibility for all types of vehicles.

Workshop and Staff Accommodation

We plan to establish a multifunctional workshop on a section of the parking area. This space will be utilized for storing maintenance equipment such as lawnmowers and tractors. Additionally, we will provide accommodation for our staff in the form of caravans. Furthermore, the workshop will serve as a sheltered area for items susceptible to weather conditions and as a practical space for various tasks.

Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Short-term: Quick Wins in Sustainability

In the short term, we focus on immediately applicable, energy-saving measures. This includes water-saving showerheads, extensive waste sorting, and the use of natural building materials. These adjustments are quick to implement and immediately contribute to reducing our campsite's ecological footprint.

Long Term: Vision for Full Sustainability

For the long term, our goal is to make Campeggio Naturista INSIEME fully self-sufficient. The installation of solar panels will be a starting point, followed by integrating other green technologies and methods. The ultimate aim is to operate entirely off the grid, depending on how our finances and potential subsidies develop.

Local: Partnership with the Community

We highly value supporting the local economy. We have already established contacts with farmers in the area to supply local cheese, pasta, and vegetables. By collaborating with local suppliers, we not only ensure fresh and authentic products at the campsite but also support the local community and minimize our transportation footprint.

NOTE: We may not be able to implement all facilities and activities in year one and/or two.

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