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6. Naturism


Naturism or nude recreation is a lifestyle that has been receiving increasing attention in the media and public consciousness in recent years. It is seen as a way of life that promotes respect for oneself, others, and nature, and it has the potential to attract people of all ages who are seeking a more authentic and liberating way of recreation.

Did you know....

We blog and vlog about our journey and all experiences related to setting up our Italian campsite through the website and social media of BlootGewoon!. This is a brand of the Dutch interest organization for nude recreation, NFN Open & Bloot. You can follow our adventures through their website, newsletters, or via social media.

Dutch market

The market for our naturist camping concept in Tuscany appears to be present and is steadily growing. In the Netherlands alone, there are an estimated 2.5 million people who regularly engage in nude recreation. This figure comes from a market research study conducted in 2023 by NFN Open & Bloot, the advocacy organization for all nude recreation enthusiasts in the Netherlands, and can be viewed via. https://nfn.nl/feiten-en-cijfers/Although this group encompasses a wide range of nude recreation activities, including nude beach visits, sauna visits, and various other recreational forms of holiday or day recreation, there is also a large portion that regularly camps. Of these 2.5 million, approximately 55,000 are affiliated with NFN or members of an association affiliated with NFN, but we believe that our potential market is much larger, as not all naturists/nude recreationists are members of NFN.

European market

As for the European market, although there are no exact figures, the French Federation of Naturism estimates that there are more than 2.6 million regular naturists in France alone. Other countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Scandinavian countries and Spain also have significant naturist communities, suggesting that there are potentially tens of millions of naturists across Europe. This market includes people who identify themselves as full-time naturists, as well as tourists who enjoy naturist resorts, beaches and campsites. 

Italian Market & Youth

Naturism in Italy has a rich history, dating back to the early 20th century. Despite initial obstacles, including Mussolini's fascist government which banned public nudity in 1931, and the influence of the Catholic Church, naturism has seen a revival after World War II. Italy now offers several naturist beaches and resorts, with growing acceptance, although it still remains controversial and often misunderstood. Because the percentage of Italians who go on naturist holidays in their own country is minimal, the Italians themselves are not an interesting target group. Regardless of prudishness and history, most Italians are not interested in 'nature camping' as northern Europeans like it.

Naturism among young people

There is a clear increase in interest in naturism among younger generations, especially during lockdown periods, where many have discovered the freedom and mental health benefits that naturism offers. Organizations like British Naturism saw a doubling of new members during the early lockdown, and NFN also clearly sees membership growth in the age group between 30 and 45 years. This trend is driven not only by the search for freedom and self-expression but also by a rejection of societal beauty standards, leading to greater self-acceptance and the celebration of the body in its natural state.


Our focus is of course mainly on people who already have experience with naturism, but we also want to appeal to a new, younger target group that is not yet familiar with the concept. By being active on social media and giving them insight into what naturism entails, we hope to convince this group to give it a try.

Media attention naturism

Naturism has received a lot of media attention in recent years. It is increasingly seen as a positive and liberating alternative to traditional holidays. Well-known Dutch celebrities such as Linda de Mol and Koert-Jan de Bruijn have publicly expressed their support for naturism, contributing to the growing acceptance of nude recreation among the general public. This interest was also fueled by active awareness campaigns by NFN that help increase societal acceptance of nude recreation, such as the annual summer campaign "Feel free, get naked" and the publication of the public magazine "BlootGewoon!" and its corresponding podcast series. Below is just a selection of Dutch media coverage regarding "nude news" from 2023.

Trends in naturism

Naturism is gaining popularity, especially among young people and post-COVID-19, with various nude events emerging worldwide. The pandemic has led many people to naturism as a form of personal freedom, resulting in a rise in memberships in naturist organizations. Furthermore, naturism is increasingly associated with environmental awareness and body positivity, making it attractive in a society increasingly focused on climate awareness and self-acceptance.         

And what about naturism in Livorno? - Interview with the municipality (Nov-23)

Both naturism and traditional camping are less popular in Italy than in Northern Europe, partly due to cultural and religious influences. When it comes to camping, most Italians prefer comfort and luxury in their holiday choices. They often choose to stay in 'tourist villages' (Villaggio Turistico), which resemble resorts rather than the traditional campsites popular among Northern Europeans. This explains why there are relatively few 'traditional' camping sites, and especially few naturist campsites.

Despite these cultural obstacles, we are optimistic about the success of our naturist campsite in Livorno. Our target group is mainly Northern Europeans, who have a greater affinity with naturism and traditional camping with their own resources. Naturally, we will do everything we can to make Italians enthusiastic about naturism, and we want to maintain Italian culture at the campsite at all times.

We recently presented our plans to the councilor for tourism in Livorno, who responded very enthusiastically. The idea of a natural-looking campsite, focused on quality tourism, fits in well with the goals of the municipality. Moreover, they see a synergy with the two nearby naturist beaches. The councilor has indicated that he is willing to think along with us. He noted that in Italy, especially among the young, there is a slow positive change in attitudes towards various issues, including nudity.

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