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7. Target group

Target group & marketing​

Within naturism we find a varied group of people from different age categories, with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. They all have one thing in common: an appreciation for naturism. In 2019, the NFN engaged Motivaction to conduct an investigation. Although no demographic information is available from this survey, it does provide insight into the needs, wants, and trends that characterize this community.

Insight into the naturist community

The research revealed that NFN members, both current and potential, have different motivations for nude recreation. A crucial finding was that freedom, peace and relaxation emerged as central motivations. These insights form a solid foundation for our services and marketing strategy. Furthermore, during our travels we have noticed that 'friendly' campsites, which offer a mix of activities and entertainment, are often popular. This is especially true for families, who are looking for a balance between rest and activity during their holiday. That is why we strive to offer such experiences at our campsite in order to attract and retain a wider audience.

Identification and segmentation of target groups

Based on the findings, in combination with our own research and the data from the NFN, we can conclude that there are four guest categories that are important to us: families with children, 'empty nesters' (families whose children are away from home) , retired travelers and young couples. Our campsite is specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of these groups, while also taking into account their unique spending patterns.

Joost, Marleen, Bram, Brian


The Janssen family consists of Joost and Marleen and their two children, Bram (9) and Brian (7). They live in a medium-sized city in the Netherlands and lead a busy life with work, school, sports, and social activities. Every year, they look forward to their summer vacation, a time to relax, recharge, and spend quality time together as a family.


  • They go on vacation during the high season.
  • They seek entertainment for both the children and parents.
  •  They enjoy making connections with like-minded families.
  • They occasionally go out.
  • A balance between quiet family moments and participating in activities such as swimming, cycling, and themed evenings.

Spending pattern

  • Accommodation: Prepared to pay for comfort, possibly interested in glamping tents.
  • Food & Drinks: Cooking themselves, dining out a few times a week, enjoy casual drinks in the bar.
  • Activities: Willing to pay for children's activities and adult workshops.
  • Groceries: Do basic shopping at the supermarket, may visit local markets. Mainly go to the supermarket.
  • Travel: Own a car, willing to pay for local excursions and sightseeing.
  • Spending pattern: Average, seek value for their money but pay for convenience and quality.

Dirk-Jan & Annemarie


Dirk-Jan and Annemarie are a Dutch couple in their fifties. Now that their children are grown and have moved out, they have more time and freedom. Although they still have busy jobs, they are no longer bound by school holidays and have more opportunities to travel
They have a passion
for naturism and enjoy the relaxation and freedom it provides.


  • They often go on vacation outside of the high season to avoid crowds.
  • They seek a combination of tranquility, comfort, and cultural excursions.
  • They appreciate the opportunity to connect with other like-minded guests.
  • They enjoy exploring the local surroundings, visiting wine tastings, and local markets.

Spending pattern

  • Accommodation: They seek comfort and luxury, willing to pay for higher-quality accommodations such as glamping tents.
  • Food & Drinks: They enjoy dining in restaurants, willing to pay for good wine, specialty beer, or cocktails.
  • Activities: They are willing to pay for participation in specific activities such as yoga classes, cooking workshops, or wine tastings.
  • Groceries: They do some shopping at the campsite supermarket for convenience, but mainly shop at the supermarket.
  • Travel: They own a car, willing to pay for cultural excursions and local attractions. 
  • Spending pattern: Average to high, willing to pay for comfort, luxury, and unique experiences.

Hans & Gerda


Hans and Gerda are a retired couple from Germany who are traveling for most of the year. They have over 30 years of experience with naturism and are seeking a quiet and serene environment. They enjoy hiking, gardening, cooking, and reading. They have a camper and travel around to different naturist campsites.


  • Traveling outside the high season when the campsites are quieter.
  • They often travel for extended periods, sometimes for months at a time.
  • Traveling with a caravan or camper.
  • They are self-sufficient but appreciate facilities such as good sanitary amenities and laundry facilities.
  • They seek social interaction with other guests and appreciate activities such as communal meals or drinks.

Spending pattern

  • Accommodation: Traveling with their own camper or caravan.
  • Food & Drinks: They usually prepare their own meals but occasionally dine out at the campground restaurant.
  • Activities: They are willing to pay for interesting excursions or workshops but are less interested in large-scale events.
  • Groceries: They do their own shopping.
  • Travel: They have their own transportation, willing to pay for cultural excursions and local attractions.
  • Spending pattern: Generally more frugal but stay longer. However, they are willing to pay for convenience and comfort.

Sofie & Lars


Sofie and Lars are a young Scandinavian couple who have recently discovered naturism. They are looking for a comfortable, safe naturist campsite where they can relax but also have adventures. A campsite with a young, lively atmosphere would be ideal for them.


  • A young couple, new to naturism.
  • Interested in yoga, swimming, cooking workshops, and live music.
  • Flexible in their travel planning and bookings.
  • Value sustainability and connection with nature.
  • Active on social media and use digital platforms for bookings.

Spending pattern

  • Accommodation: Go on vacation with a tent/campervan.
  • Food & Drinks: Occasionally cook themselves, eat regularly in the restaurant, enjoy drinks at the bar.
  • Activities: Willing to pay for activities such as yoga classes, cooking workshops, and live music evenings.
  • Groceries: Do basic shopping at the supermarket.
  • Travel: Have their own car/van, possibly interested in local excursions and sightseeing.
  • Spending pattern: Average, looking for value for their money and willing to pay for unique experiences.

Marketing & website

Naturists are active and well-represented in online communities and have an organized presence through specific associations and platforms such as Blootkompas.nl. We will leverage these channels to communicate directly with our target audience and promote our offerings optimally.

In parallel, our website, developed by Remi, becomes the digital showcase of our campsite, where guests get a taste of what to expect during their stay. In addition, we will actively use social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, not only for promotion, but also to build a close-knit and committed community of naturists and camping enthusiasts. We reach our different personas in different ways. For example, the retiree will see our advertisement in the NFN paper magazine and a young family can find us on Instagram.

A selection of the larger Facebook groups for naturism:

  1. Naturisme natuurlijk – 11.000 members
  2. BlootGewoon! – 11.000 members
  3. Groep van Naturisme vakantie tips – 9.700 members
  4. Natuurlijk! NFN – 4.100 members
  5. BlootKompas! – 3.900 members
  6. Naturisme Nederlandstalig – 3.200 members
  7. Naturism – 2.100 members
  8. Blote babbels – 900 members
  9. Naturisme/bloot/vrij/BE/NL – 844 members
  10. Camperaars en naturisme – 315 members

Some popular Instagram accounts:

  1. n_wanderings – 57.300 followers
  2. british_naturism – 11.300 followers
  3. everybodynaked – 3.900 followers
  4. destination_clothes_free – 3.760 followers
  5. blootgewoonnfn – 3.505 followers
  6. natuurlijknfn – 3.136 followers
  7. blootkompas – 2.626 followers
  8. ournaturalblog followers

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