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9. Team

The people behind INSIEME

In the world of investment, it's often said that the people behind a project are key. At INSIEME, however, we place our enthusiasm on something different: the community we are building together. INSIEME means 'together' in Italian and is at the heart of our project. The strength of collective effort drives us. While we, Remi and Sandra, may be the face of this initiative, it is the essential support from everyone around us that forms the true heart of INSIEME. 

On the 'About us' page, you can learn more about Remi & Sandra, about what drives us, and our history. But let's be clear – this is a team effort. This page is dedicated to the INSIEME team that is making this dream a reality.

Advisors & Specialists

Behind INSIEME, stand Sandra and Remi, but our dream extends beyond our own knowledge and experience. We acknowledge that we don't have all the answers, and that's why we have assembled a team of specialists, each with their own expertise. Together, we ensure that it's not just a dream, but a success story of collaboration, tackling every challenge with collective strength. Below is an overview of all the specialisms we engage throughout the buying, financing, and hopefully soon, the construction process. 


Law firm

ADF Partners, led by Johan de Flines, is a law firm in Milan that focuses on, among other things, mergers and acquisitions, and cross-border transactions.

Studio Tecnico Frizzi


Studio Tecnico Frizzi, under the leadership of Emilio Frizzi, is an expert in land surveys, permits, architectural design, and project supervision in Livorno.

Studio Commercialista Masi Anna Tiziana


Studio Commercialista Masi Anna Tiziana in Siena offers tax, contractual, and accounting advice, led by experienced Rag. Tiziana Masi, her son Giacomo Neri, and a team of accountants and bookkeepers.

Gérard Prinsen

Fiscalist IT-NL

Gérard Prinsen is a tax specialist in Italian-Dutch relations, with a focus on navigating through the complex tax legislation of both countries.

DB Tax & Legal

Fiscalist NL-IT

DB Tax & Legal is a specialized consultancy firm that supports internationally operating companies with tax and legal advice, with a focus on Dutch-Italian tax issues.

Financial Advisory Firm Boonstra

Financial Planning Bureau

Financieel Adviesbureau Boonstra offers independent advice in wealth management, legal matters, and international finance with personalized guidance.

Notary Office Timmers


Notariskantoor Timmers in Lisse provides us with legal support for the establishment and management of the STAK structure in the Netherlands.

Pieter & Gea

Structural Engineer & Insurance Specialist

Pieter and Gea are our technical pillars; Pieter, as a structural engineer, handles large-scale project development and is adept in architecture and construction, while Gea, our insurance expert, ensures the safe and solid foundation of our campsite.

Staff & Volunteers

In the peak season of year 1, given the current expected occupancy, we anticipate that the workload will be equivalent to the engagement of three additional full-time employees (FTEs) on top of our own contribution. An FTE represents one full-time position, which means that multiple part-time employees can collectively contribute to a full FTE. Over five years, we anticipate this need to grow to nine FTEs during the busiest periods. In the startup phase, we have engaged our family and friends to help out during the initial summers.

In our staff planning, we employ a flexible and adaptive model based on zero-hour contracts. This strategy enables us to dynamically respond to the changing needs of our enterprise. By utilizing zero-hour contracts, we can precisely align staffing levels with demand, thereby maintaining operational efficiency while optimizing costs.

We are still in the exploratory phase regarding the balance between paid staff and volunteers. The idea is to have some tasks performed by volunteers, where, for example, couples can stay at the campsite for free in exchange for their assistance with various tasks. This concept is common at naturist campsites and we see it as a win-win for both parties. For paid positions, we are looking at a mix of local Italian staff, due to favorable labor costs and availability, and students who, like we did once, want to gain valuable work experience while enjoying a holiday job at the campsite. 

Administration, Website, and Bookkeeping

Remi has the knowledge and expertise to implement an effective website with a booking tool and digital payment options. This will be an efficient and user-friendly system tailored to our specific needs.

We also aim to utilize an integrated point-of-sale, booking, and administrative system that seamlessly connects with our website. Remi has extensive experience with such systems, enabling us to establish an optimal workflow.

We are seeking a Property Management System (PMS) that functions across all aspects of the campground, from bookings to the restaurant and bar. This will streamline our administration process.

The Italian tax system and its associated laws and regulations are complex. Therefore, we choose to collaborate with a certified accountant (commercialista) mentioned above. He works for a company that is highly renowned in managing administration for campgrounds. This, combined with an efficient administrative system, will help us comply with all tax obligations and regulations while focusing on running the campground without spending too much time on administration.
For the administration in the Netherlands, we will collaborate with the aforementioned financial planner.

Accommodation, Language, and Income

We have spent several weeks at the campsite we plan to purchase, an experience that has provided us with valuable insights and unlocked the potential of the location. By resigning from our house in the Netherlands, we have demonstrated our commitment to this project and shown that we intend to live and work in Italy. Our status as self-employed entrepreneurs allows us to generate income during the transition phase, ensuring financial stability. Currently, we are renting an apartment 15 minutes' drive from the campsite. Although we are still registered in the Netherlands, in the event of a successful sharefunding campaign, we will fully establish ourselves in Italy.

Regarding the Italian language, since our move in March, we have made significant progress. While we are still working on the more complex aspects of the language, we are able to engage in basic conversations and believe that our language proficiency will continue to grow as we approach the purchase and focus more on language acquisition.

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