Campeggio Naturista INSIEME


Preparation phase

At this moment, finalizing a definitive lease agreement is not yet possible, as the completion of the real estate purchase is pending. Despite this provisional status, we are already in the process of documenting crucial principles that will serve as the foundation for the eventual agreement.

Principles of the Lease Agreement

  • Maintenance Responsibility: The maintenance of the property is our responsibility. Within the SRL, we have allocated a budget to ensure that the property is kept in optimal condition, contributing to its sustainability and longevity.

  • Lease Conditions: The rental price is set at 5% of the investment value and is not subject to inflation adjustments. This approach provides financial clarity and stability for both us and the tenants.

  • Payment Terms: Rent payments are made at the end of each year, following the conclusion of the season. This schedule takes into account operational cycles and cash flows. In cases where payments cannot be made as planned, a payment deferral will be considered in consultation with the board of the STAK, allowing for financial flexibility.

  • Approval for Renovations: Renovations or additions to the property that fall outside the initial investment and result in a significant increase in value require prior approval. This ensures that all modifications contribute to the value and strategic objectives of the property.

  • Sustainability and Environmental Awareness: In every decision regarding maintenance, renovations, or additions, sustainability will play a key role. We aim for environmentally friendly solutions that contribute to a greener future.

  • Compliance with Regulations: We commit to ensuring that all renovations and modifications comply with applicable building codes and local regulations. This ensures smooth project execution without legal impediments.

  • Transparent Communication: Maintaining open and clear lines of communication with all involved parties is crucial for us. This includes regular updates and consultations with the board of the STAK to ensure ongoing alignment of interests and expectations.

These guidelines are crucial in the lead-up to drafting the final lease agreement and underscore our commitment to clarity, sustainability, and responsibility in our business operations. 

Additionally, it's in our best interest to maintain the property in top condition, as we have plans to eventually purchase it ourselves. This motivates us even more to ensure careful maintenance and management of the property.

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