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Purchase a piece of Tuscany and become a co-owner of a fantastic new naturist campsite!

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On this page, you can find everything about the opportunity to invest in Campeggio Naturista INSIEME. Click on the buttons below to go to the relevant sections, or read on for the full story.

Explanation Sharefunding

An explanation of the form of financing we use.

Financial requirements

An explanation of how much money we want to raise and why.

Investment Proposal

An overview of our investment proposal including explanation.

Returns & Benefits

An explanation of what you get in return for your investment.

Security & Control

An explanation of all (in)securities and legal matters

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions about the investment

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A word from our first investors

Koen & Kris

From Antwerp, a naturist family for over 30 years. Over the years, they have visited over 65 different campsites.

"During our fantastic road trips along naturist campsites, we often fantasized about how nice it would be to start something of our own in such blissful places. Away from the sometimes dull existence of working for a boss. Being risk-averse as we are, we never dared to take the leap. Where would we get the capital? Or do you just quit a well-paying job for an "uncertain" future? When we came across the article about Remi and Sandra's plans in the Athena magazine, we were immediately enthusiastic. A young couple daring to take the plunge. After exchanging some critical emails, we met each other. It turned out they had thought it through well and had surrounded themselves with very capable people. Our decision is firm. We entrust a portion of our savings to Remi and Sandra. We are convinced that by doing so, we are also realizing a small part of our dream."

Pieter & Gea

From the Netherlands, a naturist family for many years, who enjoy visiting naturist campsites and have been involved since the beginning of our project.

“We invest not only because of the fantastically beautiful location, but the success is largely determined by the enthusiasm of Remi and Sandra and the professional team they have around them. They prepare everything well and make contact easily. Whether it's about helping to pick olives at the neighbors of the campsite, or the restaurant at the entrance of the campsite, everyone is inspired by their enthusiasm. We see a lot of potential, especially since there are few places in Italy for a nakation. The surroundings are beautiful and the location is ideal for both young and old, with Pisa and Lucca being a short distance away. Camping with your own tent, caravan, or renting a glamping tent. Cooking for yourself or enjoying the dinner at the campsite. Going to the (nude) beach and/or enjoying the yet-to-be-built swimming pool. Nothing is a must. We can totally see it……. The naturist campsite in Tuscany.”

Explanation Sharefunding

What is Sharefunding?

Sharefunding is a smart way of investing that transforms traditional shares into a digital form. This makes investing easier, clearer, and faster. With sharefunding, people can directly purchase shares in a company, a project, or, in our case, real estate. This means that when you buy shares, you become a partial owner of the camping site.

What are shares?

The major difference between shares and loans lies in the ownership component. With a share, you own a piece of a company. Conversely, a loan is a debt owed to someone, something that still needs to be repaid. With a share, you receive a portion of the profits, and if all goes well, the value of your share will also increase. Whereas with a loan, you agree to a fixed repayment period and interest rate, similar to a mortgage for example. On the other hand, shares can be sold later, often at a profit.

Why Sharefunding?

So, we need money for the purchase of the real estate and the initial renovations. After all, without land and buildings, there is no campsite. We use Sharefunding because we want to buy the real estate together with the naturist/nudist community and Italy enthusiasts. The real estate will be owned by a group of like-minded investors. We (Remi & Sandra) will then rent the real estate from the investors. If all goes well, we aim to buy back the real estate in the future at a premium.

Investment need - What is required

Acquisition of real estate & Renovations

Timing 2024 to 2025

Phase 1: €1,650,000 to be raised through sharefunding

Real estate

For the real estate and renovations, we need a total of €1,650,000. This amount is in line with the square meter price for camping grounds on the Tuscan coast.

Transfer tax

The transfer tax is generally considered an integral part of the real estate value and thus constitutes part of the total investment.

Lawyer, Notary, Financial advisor, and Surveyor

"When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do" is a well-known saying. In Italy, you can hardly get anything done without the right assistance, and of course, there are certain costs associated with it. Check the "team" section in the business plan to see which experts we involve.

Financing costs

All financing-related costs, including the establishment of the STAK (which you will learn more about later) and the use of the sharefunding platform, are included in the investment need.


  • Swimming pool
  • Three glamping tents and/or cottages.
  • A completely new toilet building.
  • Renovating the exterior of the main building.
  • Renovating the bar, restaurant, kitchen, pantry, and upstairs area.
  • Adjustments to the site's facilities (fencing, improving roads, leveling pitches, etc.).
  • First part of the playground.
  • Volleyball field & Petanque court

Timing: To be determined

Phase 2: to be financed from profits


  • Seven glamping tents
  • A second toilet building (new)
  • Constructing a drinks terrace (beergarden) at the front of the main building
  • Refurbishing reception, shop, and mini-club
  • Expanding playground
  • Separate pizzeria/snack bar (first years in the existing kitchen)
  • Charging stations
  • Expansion of water and electricity supply + installation of solar panels
  • BBQ field


Purchase of inventory + Operations

Startup phase

Purchase of inventory: €75,000

Purchase of inventory

We invest ourselves, along with friends and family, in the purchase of inventory to make the campsite operational. Although some of the inventory is already included with the campsite, many new items need to be purchased. Some of the necessities we need to acquire include:

  • Extra kitchen equipment such as a combi oven, new refrigerators, a fryer, etc.
  • New bar equipment such as coolers, a tap, an ice machine, etc.
  • New furniture for the restaurant, bar, terrace, and pool area.
  • New plates, glasses, cutlery, small kitchen utensils, bar supplies, etc.
  • Digital systems such as the booking system and items like wifi routers and the cash register.
  • Other items for maintenance such as a ride-on mower, garden equipment, and tools for repairs.

Before we open

First operational costs: €50,000

First operational costs

Furthermore, we need to take into account the initial startup costs. Part of these will be offset in due course by (prepaid) bookings, but before we get to that point, we need to consider expenses such as:

  • Utilities such as gas, water, and electricity
  • The first marketing costs
  • Phone & internet connection
  • Waste disposal tax
  • Fuel and car-related expenses
  • Insurances
  • Setting up the administration and associated costs

the investment proposal

TOGETHER (INSIEME in Italian), we aim to create a new naturist campsite in one of Italy's most beautiful spots. Where freedom, enjoying life, and harmony form the essence. We are offering €1,650,000 in certificates for pioneers who invest with us in a future where every generation feels at home, connected by naturism and the enjoyment of Italy. We and our immediate network are investing €125,000 in the operational side of the campground and €100,000 in the real estate certificates. In addition to securing a stable investment with guaranteed returns, you contribute to the realization of our Italian dream. Your financial involvement is not just an investment, but also an opportunity to be part of a unique project in one of Italy's most stunning regions.

Our proposal in a nutshell

You are purchasing certificates in a Dutch Administration Office Foundation (STAK).

The STAK acquires the real estate in Italy, finances the renovations, and becomes the 100% owner.

We (Remi & Sandra) lease the real estate from the STAK and are responsible for the operation of the campsite.

Why this proposal?

Your investment is backed by real estate. That provides a significant level of security.

Your certificates in the STAK are tradable and transferable through a digital platform. You can sell your certificates there whenever you want.

You can participate starting from €1,000. The certificates are priced at €1 each.

You receive a fixed return from the rental of the real estate. For years 1 & 2, this is partly in a different form (see below).

Apart from the rental income, the value of the certificates increases.

And depending on the amount you invest, you'll also get some nice additional perks at the campsite as an investor!

We are looking for you to join us as a co-owner of our real estate! Read on to discover what this opportunity entails!

*A share represents direct ownership in a company, including voting rights and other entitlements. Certificates (of shares) also indicate ownership, but often without the same rights. In our case, it concerns certificates of a STAK.

Return on Investment


Annual Rental Income

We aim to reward our investors with an annual rental yield of 5% on their investment, payable at the end of each season. For the first two years, we propose to implement a customized rental structure to both reward our investors and to realistically manage the growth and startup phase of our project.


Year 1 (2024)

For every 1000 certificates, we provide a €60 coupon that can be used for F&B (food and beverages) at the campsite. These coupons are valid for 5 years and can be transferred to others (e.g., family/friends).

Year 2 (2025)

In the second year, we will pay 3% in rent and provide an F&B coupon of €30 per 1000 certificates.

Year 3 (2026)

From year three onwards, the 'regular' rent of 5% will be paid.



Value increase of your certificate

We assume that the campsite will increase in value over time, and we want to share this with the people who invest in us. Therefore, we have decided that in addition to the annual rent of 5%, the price of the certificates will increase by 2% on the purchase value each year. This means that a certificate initially purchased for €1.00 will be worth €1.10 in year 5 (2028), and €1.20 after 10 years. We explain exactly how this works and what the conditions are under the section 'Exit Strategy' further on.



Non-monetary benefits at the campsite

Because we are immensely grateful for our investors, we are delighted to offer our INSIEME community the following additional perks, depending on the amount of the investment. These benefits, like the F&B coupons, will be transferable. The benefits are based on two adults. All exact terms and conditions can be found in the AFM information document below.

Reward per investment starting from: ≥ €1.000 ≥ €5.000 ≥ €10.000 ≥ €15.000 ≥ €20.000 ≥ €30.000
Yearly two pizzas and a bottle of Bolgheri wine worth €30.
Yearly an aperitif with cocktails, an extensive snack platter, and a 4-course dinner worth €120.
Yearly a camping voucher with a discount on accommodations worth €150.
Intake interview + advice from financial advisory firm Boonstra*
Annually, a rotating all-inclusive activity in the area worth €150, such as boating, a city trip to Florence, etc.
Annual Investors Weekend in Tuscany!**

Your name on the "INSIEME" wall.

-> Exclusive to the initial investors

* Intake + advice from our financial advisor

For the Dutch side of this financial trajectory, we collaborate with Financial Advisory Firm (FA) Boonstra. The firm ensures their reliability through supervision by the AFM, possession of all necessary licenses, their membership in the Federation of Financial Planners, and affiliation with KIFID (Financial Services Complaints Institute).

For investments starting from €15,000, you will receive a personalized intake and advice session from FA Boonstra. They are happy to arrange a personal appointment at your home or nearby. During this meeting, they will guide and advise you on your investment.

  • You can sign up for one of the consultation hours (click here for the next available option near you).
  • Or you can schedule a personal appointment with them for a physical intake interview.
  • Contact can be made via the email address info@faboonstra.nl, contact can also be made by phone at 0252-223405.
For investments starting from €15,000, both the intake interview and the associated administration are included. For the costs of any follow-up consultations, please check the website of financial advisory firm Boonstra.

** Yearly investors' weekend in Tuscany!

For our investors contributing €30,000 or more, we have something special in store: a magical weekend in Tuscany, every year! Imagine a weekend of delightful relaxation in the autumn sun (with temperatures ranging from 20-25 degrees Celsius) and savoring the local cuisine with like-minded individuals. This time of year is vibrant with activities such as grape harvesting, olive picking, and truffle hunting. Not only do we provide updates about the campsite, but we also offer a diverse range of engaging activities: think truffle hunts, sailing, a local cooking workshop, or wine tasting together! Of course, there will be plenty of cozy lunches and dinners in the region to enjoy together!

We'll gladly arrange the accommodations and all culinary delights. The only thing you need to take care of is transportation. An unforgettable experience awaits you! 

PS: This weekend is clothed, so even non-naturist investors can benefit from it!

PPS: You are welcome to bring one other adult.

Assurances & Authority & Exit Strategy

Legal Model

Below is an explanation of how the legal model will be structured:


STAK INSIEME: For all real estate owners, we have established a Foundation Administration Office (STAK) under the Dutch legal system. This makes it easy to collaborate with numerous investors without the need to constantly visit the notary to add new certificate holders. The investors will collectively contribute €1,650,000 to the STAK, making the certificate holders 100% owners.

The STAK purchases the real estate: With this money, the STAK will purchase the real estate and cover the initial renovations. This means that the real estate is fully owned by the STAK and thus by the certificate holders. The real estate serves as collateral for the certificate holders.

The STAK issues certificates of ownership for the real estate: As an investor, you receive certificates in the real estate to be acquired by the STAK as collateral. You do this by purchasing certificates through the 'Share Council' platform. This is a digital platform that enables the digitization of certificates. More details on this can be found in the section 'STAK setup'.


Campeggio Naturista INSIEME S.R.L.: The operational activities of Campeggio Naturista INSIEME are conducted through a separate Private Limited Company (B.V.), also known as an S.R.L. in Italian. Remi and Sandra will together invest €125,000 in the S.R.L. and own 100% of the operation.

Mutual relationship: a lease agreement: The S.R.L. will lease the real estate from the STAK indefinitely. This means that the real estate is not part of the S.R.L. This structure prevents the possibility that in the event of the S.R.L.'s bankruptcy, the land and buildings would be sold by the curator. This effectively protects you as an investor.

Revenue model. Remi and Sandra manage the S.R.L., generating income from the rental of camping pitches and accommodation, food and beverage sales, and activities. These revenues are intended to cover the operational expenses and rent. Inn Chapter 10 The business plan outlines how they are financially capable of meeting their rental obligations.

The relationship between the S.R.L. and the STAK

Control: The STAK is chaired by a three-member board that makes all decisions related to the real estate. See the section below 'STAK Structure'. Remi and Sandra are thus free to determine how they execute the operation, as long as they respect the lease agreement and pay the rent.

Rent: Just like with any other lease agreement, the tenant must pay their rent, regardless of the season's success. If the campground has a slow season, Remi and Sandra will take on extra work during the winter.

The setup of the STAK

To ensure the interests of both investors and Remi & Sandra are protected, the structure of the STAK has been carefully designed. This balance ensures that investors can take action in case of payment defaults, while also preventing Remi and Sandra as tenants from facing the risk of eviction. With advice from various experts, including notary Rob Timmers, specific measures have been formulated and enshrined in the articles of the STAK to guarantee these assurances. Each party is adequately protected, with room for flexible solutions in unforeseen circumstances. For a detailed understanding, please refer to the section 'Fine Print'.

  • Board of the STAK

    The board of the STAK plays a crucial role. They have the authority to decide on the future of the real estate and consist of three members: 1. the tenants Remi and Sandra (or their proxy) with one vote, 2. a representative of the certificate holders, elected during certificate holders' meetings, also with one vote, and 3. an independent chairperson with an affinity for naturism and entrepreneurial experience, who is not a certificate holder, also with one vote. The board, excluding the tenants' board position, is re-elected every four years. The chairperson is elected by the other board members but may not be an investor or a family member up to the 2nd degree of the other board members. Until the first certificate holders' meeting, Remi & Sandra act as the interim representative for the certificate holders' board position. The board of the STAK has full decision-making authority over everything the STAK does, as described in the statutes which can be downloaded further below.

  • Rental agreement

    At the moment, we cannot finalize the lease contract because the purchase of the real estate is not yet concluded. However, we are already working on the initial draft of the lease contract. In this draft, we include important points such as the maintenance responsibilities assumed by the SRL, a fixed rent of 5% that does not increase with inflation, and the annual rent payments made at the end of each season. For major renovations, we require prior approval from the board of the STAK. Maintaining the real estate is crucial for Remi & Sandra, especially as they plan to purchase it themselves in the future. For more information on what will be included in the lease contract, you can click on the underlined link 'lease agreement' above.

  • Certificate Holders Meeting

    Every year, we organize a digital meeting for the certificate holders, during which Remi & Sandra provide an overview of the performance and developments of the previous year. During this meeting, the focus is on the management of the real estate, and certificate holders have the opportunity to ask questions and gain insights. Although the operational management of the campground lies with Remi and Sandra, they value input and suggestions from certificate holders that contribute to the continuous improvement and growth of Campeggio Naturista INSIEME. Every four years, a new board member representing the certificate holders is also elected during this meeting.

  • Share Council

    Share Council is a platform that enables businesses to innovatively raise or share capital with employees or other stakeholders. In essence, Share Council digitizes multiple forms of third-party participation, including the certificates of our STAK. This allows for working with multiple smaller certificate holders; you do not have to go to the notary for each transaction. The certificates are issued once at the establishment of the STAK and can be traded on the platform. As the STAK, we have determined the terms and agreements in Share Council; this reflects the statutes. We have our own INSIEME environment where users can log in and see the status of the certificate distribution: how much the certificates are worth and what transactions have taken place. The platform is fully aligned with the statutes of the STAK. One of the options is to make the trading of certificates anonymous. Furthermore, we work with certain conditions for the sale of certificates that we have established and further explained in the Exit Strategy. For more information about Share Council, visit their website: https://sharecouncil.co/.

  • The purchase of real estate and the escrow account at the notary

    Your investment will be securely held in the escrow account of notary office Timmers in Lisse. Investors are asked to make their investment available immediately to ensure the purchase of the real estate. Only when a sufficient number of investors have signed up can the purchase of the real estate take place. The notary will transfer the funds to Italy only upon actual purchase. If the purchase does not go through, you will receive your investment back. As an investor, you have optimal protection this way. After all, the funds are safely held in the notary's escrow account and are only used for the agreed-upon purchase by the STAK of the real estate. This makes you automatically a co-owner of the purchased real estate, with the certificates serving as proof. For up-to-date information on timing and planning, please consult the planning page in the menu at the top.

Exit strategy

Our ambition is to eventually acquire the real estate. To achieve this goal, we have implemented various mechanisms to facilitate a smooth and phased acquisition of the certificates in the future. This strategy of gradually 'exiting' an investment is known as the exit strategy.

1. Exit when you want: Tradable Certificates

One of the core aspects of our strategy is making the certificates tradable. This means that investors can offer their certificates on the Share Council platform at any time against the value agreed upon at that moment. 

2. Value growth of 2% on the original certificate value

This value growth is statutorily set at an annual increase. Certificates are sold at issuance for €1.00 and have an incremental increase of €0.02 (2% of the original value) per certificate per year. This means that a €1.00 certificate will be worth €1.10 after 5 years and €1.20 after 10 years.

To encourage continuous investment in real estate, a maximum annual increase in certificate value of 2% is established for the S.R.L. This cap ensures that the S.R.L. has an interest in increasing the real estate value through improvements and investments.

3. Offer obligation to Remi & Sandra

There is an obligation to offer to Remi & Sandra. This means that certificates offered for sale on the platform must first be offered to them. They then have the option to accept or reject the offer, depending on the available financial resources at that time. If they decide not to buy, the certificates are made available to other certificate holders. If none of the certificate holders wants to buy the certificates, they may be sold outside the STAK.

4. Call option from Remi & Sandra

As explained in Chapter 10 from the business plan, the initial years are considered as start-up years with limited free cash flow from the SRL. Nevertheless, Remi & Sandra have the opportunity, but not the obligation, every 5 years to repurchase (a portion of) the certificates at a predetermined price. This opportunity repeats every five years. With each repurchase opportunity, priority is given to certificate holders who voluntarily want to sell. If no one wants to sell voluntarily, then a mandatory sale takes place of all certificate holders on a proportional basis.

5. Premature or Forced Sale

In the event of a forced sale of the real estate, caused by unforeseen circumstances such as death or bankruptcy, or if the STAK decides to sell the real estate, the originally promised 2% increase in the value of the certificates cannot be guaranteed. If the proceeds from the sale of the real estate are equal to or higher than the total value of the certificates, investors will receive their certificate value paid out. However, if the sale value is lower, there is a risk that investors will receive less than their initial investment. This means that the certificate value, including the 2% growth, cannot be guaranteed.

6. The board of the STAK

The board of the STAK is the only entity authorized to buy and/or sell the real estate. The board consists of a representative from both the SRL (Remi or Sandra) and a representative from the certificate holders. These two board members together select an independent director. This structure ensures a balanced representation of all interests, with the independent director acting as a neutral party to resolve any impasses. This is done to protect and advocate for the interests of all parties involved.

Important: The fine print

Articles of Association and Administrative Terms

The articles of association of STAK INSIEME and the accompanying administrative conditions form the legal basis of our organization and regulate the issuance of certificates. In the previous sections, you will find the key aspects of these important documents summarized. For a complete copy of these documents, we refer you to the blue buttons. The official articles of association and administrative conditions are recorded in official notarial documents. These are drafted in Dutch and can be viewed and downloaded via Share Council.

AFM Information Document

The funding round of INSIEME has been registered with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Given the size of the financing, which remains below €5 million, we benefit from an exemption from the prospectus requirement. However, we have prepared and submitted an information document to the AFM, in accordance with the requirements. This document provides insight into the nature of the offer, the associated risks, and the expected returns. We encourage potential investors to carefully review this document to make an informed decision. Although "Sharefunding" is currently not directly under the supervision of the AFM, we strive to operate in full transparency and compliance with regulations. The AFM information document can be downloaded here in both English and Dutch.

Frequently asked questions​

What happens if the required investment for Campeggio Naturista INSIEME is not (timely) achieved?

As explained on our 'Planning' page, our goal is to gather a total investment of 1.65 million euros. However, we have set a crucial milestone to raise at least 1.4 million euros by July 31. If we do not reach this amount by the specified deadline, we will unfortunately have to terminate the sharefunding campaign. In such a scenario, all contributions will be fully refunded to our investors. For more details and explanation, we kindly refer you to the 'Planning' page on our website.

Under which law does this financing round fall and what are the regulations?

STAK INSIEME is a Dutch foundation, formally established and registered by notary Timmers, and thus falls under Dutch laws and regulations. 

Can I also invest from my company?

Yes, in Share Council, you have the option to invest through an entity. After creating an account, you will also have the opportunity to add your own company/holding.

If I invest in STAK INSIEME, do I enter into obligations and may I ever be held liable?
  • As a valued investor at STAK INSIEME, you are indeed required to complete your investment through our platform Share Council. However, this obligation is straightforward and transparent, specifically designed to ensure a smooth process.
  • We see investors not only as financial supporters but also as welcome guests on our beautiful site on the Tuscan coast. It would be our pleasure to welcome you, whether you come to vacation or to lend us a hand with chores. However, this invitation is entirely without obligation. Please note that part of your return is paid out exclusively at the campsite.
  • As an investor, you cannot be held liable by third parties. Here's an explanation: The STAK is a separate legal entity, and the board is responsible for the governance of the STAK. The STAK is not an enterprise in the sense that it takes or faces significant risks. If the directors govern well and there is an enforceable but uncollectible debt, the STAK may go bankrupt, but the board is not to blame.
Are there any costs associated with selling my certificates in the future?

No, there are no costs associated with selling your certificates. When selling your certificates, you must first offer them to Remi & Sandra. If they do not take them over, you must offer the certificates to fellow certificate holders. If the fellow certificate holders also do not take over the certificates, you are free to offer them outside Share Council. Please note that when selling outside the platform, there may be costs such as advisory fees for you. However, the buyer must create an account on the platform.

Are you guided in this process?

Yes, we have assembled a whole team of professionals around us! Be sure to look at the chapter Team of the business plan.

What about the tax authorities?

We want to emphasize that we cannot provide tax advice. From our own exploration, it has been found that the investment in STAK INSIEME for individual investors falls under box 3 wealth taxation. This is similar to savings or investments through a bank. STAK INSIEME or Share Council do not share information with the Tax Authorities, as banks do. It is up to you to declare this investment in your tax return, for which you can find a statement on the platform.

For investments from €15,000 we offer an intake interview with Financial Advisory Agency Boonstra. If you invest less but still need advice, please feel free to contact us info@faboonstra.nl to purchase their services. Different tax rules apply to business investors, whereby the investment is seen as an asset within the current assets. For detailed information and advice, we recommend consulting your bookkeeper or accountant.

Can I invest in a Dutch STAK if I don't live in the Netherlands?

Yes, it is generally possible for people who do not live in the Netherlands to invest in a Dutch Stichting Administratiekantoor (STAK). However, depending on the country you live in, specific regulations and tax implications may apply to your investment. It is important to be aware of both Dutch regulations and the rules in your own country regarding foreign investments. We recommend that you seek advice from a financial advisor (e.g. Financial Advisory Firm Boonstra) or tax expert in your home country to ensure you comply with all relevant rules and regulations.

Which payment methods are supported?

Within Share Council, you can utilize the following payment options: iDEAL, Credit Card, Bancontact, and bank transfer. However, the platform has a maximum transaction limit of 50,000 euros. For investments exceeding this amount, a suitable payment method will be determined in consultation with Financial Advisory Firm Boonstra.

How does Share Council work and how do I buy and sell my certificates?

To buy certificates via Share Council, simply create an account using the button at the bottom of this page. Once registered, you can view and manage certificates from STAK and any other companies you have invested in within your account. Selling your certificates can also be done directly through this account.

What happens to the return of year 1 (2024) if you do not open yet this year?
  1. Coupons: If the campsite does not open in 2024, the coupons from year 1 (2024) will be valid for 6 years instead of 5 years.
  2. Value increase certificate: The 2% increase in value is independent of whether the campsite opens or not.
  3. Additional benefits: If the campsite is not yet open in 2024, the benefits for 2024 and 2025 may be combined in 2025.
My question is not listed, how do I get an answer?

We are happy to answer your questions. Please contact info@campinginsieme.com and we will get back to you soon. Would you like to be called? No problem, we like it too. Please provide your telephone number and we will call you.

Do you have any questions at the moment or would you like to know more?

Ready to invest?

  • Valuable Tuscany

    Investment in a region known for its stable real estate values and tourist attractiveness

  • Unique Location

    Located in a beautiful area by the sea that offers both tranquility and access to Tuscan tourist attractions

  • Risk Spreading & Cashflow

    Real estate as collateral for investment and fixed cash flow from rent + certificate growth and nice benefits at the campsite

  • Market opportunity + appropriate business model

    Unique market opportunity for a new naturist campsite in Italy. The business model fills an unmet demand

  • Joining the INSIEME family

    Apart from the financial return, it's also nice to be able to say that you are a co-owner of Campeggio Naturista INSIEME. After all, you are then a member of the INSIEME family!

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