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Explore Tuscany's Naturist Beaches

An Overview of What We Consider the Most Beautiful Naturist Beaches in Tuscany

Discover, enjoy, and feel one with nature; that's what naturism in Italy is all about. And where better to experience it than on the inviting naturist beaches of Tuscany? We'd love to guide you through the options available. Not all beaches are 'officially' recognized as naturist beaches, but nudity is tolerated. The information and photos are from BlootKompas!, FENAIT, and ANITA (the Italian naturist federations).

The paradisiacal Aquarilli Beach on Elba

Feeling adventurous? Aquarilli awaits you. This beautiful beach with pebbles and dark sand can only be reached via a steep path. But the reward is worth it. The lush vegetation and crystal-clear water make this beach a true paradise.

Link BlootKompas! / Link FENAIT

The hidden gem of Barabarca

Another gem on Elba is Barabarca. Surrounded by breathtaking cliffs, this beach offers ultimate privacy. It's the perfect spot for sunbathing and swimming. The nature here is stunning. Naturism is not officially permitted, but tolerated.


Marina di Alberese: Wild and Free

In the heart of the Uccellina Natural Park lies Marina di Albarese. A short walk through lush greenery brings you to a beautiful white sand beach. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, this is the perfect spot for a naturist break, far from the crowds.

Link BlootKompas! / Link FENAIT

Punta del Miglio (Sassocrito) - Close to the Campsite

Punta del Miglio, located near our campsite, offers a unique naturist experience on a rocky beach just seven minutes from the campsite. The rugged beauty of this beach, with its natural rock formations and crystal-clear blue water, provides an idyllic setting for sunbathing and swimming in a natural environment. Please note: This is a rocky beach, so a beach chair or thick blanket is recommended. Its proximity to the campsite makes it an ideal destination for a day trip (by foot, bike, or car). However, you'll need to climb down, so sturdy shoes are advisable.


Punta Combara - Close to the Campsite

Punta Combara, also a rocky beach and close to our campsite, is a gem on the coast of Livorno. Located just south of the Calignaia bridge, a marked and winding path leads you to this secluded stretch of coastline. Surrounded by the dense greenery of the Mediterranean scrub, a landscape of flat rocks and natural pools unfolds, offering a safe swimming experience even in rough seas. Punta Combara is known for its tranquility and spacious layout, allowing visitors to enjoy the sun and sea in peace. However, you'll also need to climb down here, so sturdy shoes are advisable. Since this is also a rocky beach, we recommend bringing a beach chair, cushion, or thick blanket.


Spiaggia della Lecciona: Among the Pine Trees

In Viareggio, hidden among the pine trees, you'll find a slice of freedom. Spiaggia della Lecciona is easily accessible yet quiet enough to enjoy the sun undisturbed. A perfect balance between nature and comfort. The beach of Lecciona is located between Torre del Lago and Viareggio in the Migliarino Park.


Nido dell'Aquila: Historic Naturist Beach

Since the 1970s, Nido dell'Aquila has been a landmark among naturists. Located in the Rimigliano Nature Park, near San Vincenzo, this beach offers a historic site where naturism is celebrated after a short walk of about 10 minutes. Known far beyond the Italian borders, this is a must-visit for every naturist.

LINK BlootKompas! / Link FENAIT 

Marina di Bibbona - Not an Official Naturist Beach, but Tolerated

Are you looking for the nearest sandy beach to the campsite? Marina di Bibbona is the place to go. The shady pine forests along the coast of Livorno offer cooling and tranquility, while the dark sand and clear water invite endless playfulness.

You can park your car near Marina di Bibbona beach, follow the path to the sea, and then walk approximately 15 minutes south.

Please note: Some swimmers may not choose naturism here, as many come for the beauty of the beach. The beach is not an official naturist beach, but legitimacy has been granted by a court ruling. Thanks to the efforts and testimonies of members of 'ANITA', it was established that naturism is traditionally practiced in this coastal area and therefore is not punished.

La Feniglia - Not an Official Naturist Beach, but Tolerated

Duna Feniglia is a nature reserve in the shadow of Monte Argentario, Grosseto. This hidden gem, surrounded by lush greenery, shrubs, and dunes, is a haven for nature lovers. Close to the charming Porto Ercole, Feniglia, with its sheltered beach near the pine forests, offers a serene escape. Naturists mainly gather in the central, less crowded part of the beach.

Capalbio - Not an Official Naturist Beach, but Tolerated

Capalbio, known for hosting the first Italian naturism festival in 2014, is situated amidst beautiful nature reserves. This unique location offers a blend of culture and naturism, surrounded by the typical Tuscan countryside.


Tuscany offers a rich variety of naturist beaches, each with its unique charm. Whether you're seeking adventure, tranquility, or simply want to bask in the sun, naturism in Tuscany has something for everyone.

While not all beaches in Tuscany are officially designated as naturist, naturism is tolerated and embraced in many places by the local communities. Organizations such as ANITA and FENAIT have been working constructively with local authorities for years to promote the acceptance of naturism and to establish more official naturist beaches. These efforts have contributed to a growing recognition and appreciation for naturism, allowing visitors and residents to coexist in harmony with nature and each other. 

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