Campeggio Naturista INSIEME



We aim to open Campeggio Naturista INSIEME in July 2024, taking into account various influencing factors:

– Successful fundraising to secure the necessary funds

– Reaching an agreement with the current owners

– The commitment and availability of volunteers for the necessary renovations and refurbishments

We are committed to transparency and flexibility and will regularly share updates on our progress and any adjustments in our plans. Each of these elements can influence our timeline, which is why we have developed flexible scenarios.

Last updated: March 24, 2024

Sharefunding launch: March 24, 2024

Scenario 1

The fundraising will be successfully completed within two months, and the property acquisition proceeds without complications.

  • Mid-April 2024: Sufficient Funds Raised to Initiate the Purchase
  • A signed preliminary agreement by the end of April 2024.
  • Total Amount for the Purchase and Minimal Renovations Raised by June 2024
  • Purchase Contract Completed by June 2024
  • Minimal refurbishment for 'the basics' by June 2024.
  • Open with limited facilities in July 2024.
  • Remaining renovations (e.g., the swimming pool) to be completed after October 2024.

Scenario 2

Delayed Fundraising and Purchase

  • Sharefunding starts on March 24, 2024, but raising the funds is taking longer than expected.
  • Or the pre-agreement will not be signed until June or later due to delays in negotiations.
  • Purchase is completed in August, delaying renovation work and pool installation until the fall.
  • Opening is postponed until May 2025.

Scenario 3

We do not reach the target amount by August 2024.

  • If after four months of fundraising we are nowhere near the target amount, we unfortunately have to conclude that the project is not feasible.
  • In that case, the invested funds will be refunded from the notary account, as described in the investment section.

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